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Hangzhou Huikang Medical Devices Co., Ltd is well known

KN95 Medical face mask Manufacturers and China KN95 N95 FFP Medical protective mask suppliers

. 18 years of production experience, approved by the State Drug Administration(SDA).
“Focus on quality, Strive for innovation, Customer first and integrity based” is the purpose of the enterprise.
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Medical mask is generally used in medical outpatient, laboratory, operating room and other high requirements environment.

Cotton balls


Medical cotton swabs play a very important role in the medical treatment of wounds, helping to sterilize and stop bleeding.



Medical disinfectant can help the wounded effectively inhibit bacteria

Medical examination gloves


Non explosive edge, anti scratch products, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, good physical properties, with elastomer.

Medical belly belt


Range of Application: Used by patients after operation forabdomen contraction and protection.

Medical pads


It has the advantages of low cost, convenient use, safety and sanitation.

Disposable Sterile Urinary Catheter Bag


The product is a single-use sterile product and cannot be used continuously for more than seven days.

Medical polymer bandages and splints


It is used for fixation after reduction of fracture and dislocation and immobilization after surgical repair.

Alcohol Disinfectant Cotton Pads


A good idea to wipe stuff and then disinfect them prior.

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The company has first-class assembly line production equipment and advanced production technology. It is a medical device manufacturer specializing in the production of KN95 N95 FFP disposable medical masks, medical protective masks, and medical surgical masks. It also produces more than ten varieties of medical pads, no-handwash disinfectants, etc. Dozens of other products.

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Hangzhou Huikang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established on April 5, 2002, with more than 18 years of production experience.

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Through the integration of upstream raw material suppliers, the factory greatly reduces the purchase cost of raw materials.

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Through the complete quality control system and stable production equipment, the product quality is strictly controlled.

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Modern high-speed production line greatly improves the production efficiency and yield.

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The company has all kinds of advanced production equipment, which can fully meet the process requirements.

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